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Injury Claims For Farming And Logging Accidents

Farming and logging jobs offer a great contribution to our local and national communities, but they are not without risk. These injuries can be far more severe than what you may find in other work environments, which is why it is so important to be sure you are getting the compensation you deserve, but how can you be sure?

At Penn & Seaborn, LLC, you can find our attorneys working hard to help victims of these accidents across Alabama pursue the compensation they need to cover the costs of their injuries. We know what is at stake in these claims, and we do everything in our power to maximize the outcome.

What These Injuries Can Cost You

Farming injuries often come from the heavy machinery and equipment that you can find on a farm. Tractors and combines can be dangerous even during maintenance. Farm animals can also cause injuries through biting, kicking and trampling.

For loggers, a majority of their injuries come from either their chainsaws or the trees they cut down. Falling trees can be fatal to unaware loggers, just as a snapped chain can cause major lacerations. Additionally, the transportation of these logs can also cause severe injuries through unsecured logs rolling off a truck.

No matter what the cause of the injury, a victim can suffer a lifetime of consequences from broken bones, major scarring, nerve damage, brain damage or spinal cord damage. The compensation you earn for these injuries in the workplace should not just cover the initial expenses, and we can help you make sure that does not happen.

Let A Skilled Team Fight For You

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