What are some prohibited insurance company practices?

Due to the high volume of claims that have been filed by homeowners and businesses throughout the Gulf Coast in recent years due to hurricanes and tropical storms such as Katrina, Rita, and Ike, insurance companies have turned to unethical and illegal insurance practices – also commonly known as bad-faith insurance practices – that include: Denying a policyholder's claim despite overwhelming evidence to support it

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Can I do anything while I wait?

Yes. There are many things you can make sure you take care of while waiting to hear back from your insurance company about a claim. The most important step is to make sure to compile all of your insurance and business records, including receipts showing that you have regularly paid your premiums. You also need to have all of your losses well-documented, including any appraisals

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Will my homeowners’ insurance cover barn damage?

Insurance policies differ from company to company, homeowner to homeowner. Although there is no uniform answer to this question, many homeowners' insurance policies provide coverage for repairs to outlying structures on a policyholder's property, including barns, sheds, garages, and swimming pools. However, these same insurance companies often will try to narrowly interpret their policies in a bid to pay as little as they can for

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Will a business interruption policy cover my storm damages?

A business interruption policy can be similar to a homeowners' insurance policy in that it may cover the same types of structural damage inflicted by water, wind, mold, and mud. However, the policy may differ in two ways: First, it may cover property, equipment and inventory that are unique to business claims, such as computers, printers, machines, supplies, and business records. Second, the policy may

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Does it make a difference if a tropical storm or a hurricane caused my home damage?

Generally speaking, it won't make a difference whether your home or business was damaged in a tropical storm or a hurricane. On a practical level, the damage can be the same regardless of what type of storm it is. Although a hurricane produces heavier rain and more intense wind and flooding, a building can still be subjected to significant damage in a tropical storm, including

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What is the deadline for filing a storm damage claim?

The answer depends on the type of claim you bring, the state you reside in, and the terms of your own individual home or business insurance policy. Most insurance policies contain a provision that prohibits lawsuits from being filed more than two years after a cause of action "accrues." A common mistaken belief is that this clause means the cause of action accrues on the

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