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Victims need help gathering and preserving evidence after a crash

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Most people involved in Alabama car crashes expect the scene of the collision to speak for itself. The average adult does not like to point the finger or feel like a tattletale, so they rely on the police officer taking their report to reach the right conclusion. Sadly, that approach puts law-abiding drivers at a disadvantage.

Those who regularly break traffic laws often have no qualms about misrepresenting the situation. They may openly lie about what happened to a police officer or an insurance adjuster. They simply want to minimize their personal responsibility for a situation that they clearly caused. Victims of another’s negligence, therefore, often need support when handling the aftermath of a car crash. As a result, seeking legal guidance tends to be an important step for those with major losses related to injuries caused by a crash.

Why a lawyer can help

People trying to handle a car crash insurance claim on their own often make big mistakes about evidence. They move their vehicles before documenting the scene of the crash or take pictures that focus on the damage to the vehicles instead of their placement and the position of the debris in the surrounding environment.

They may get information about the other driver but may fail to obtain identifying information about witnesses who could make a big difference to the ultimate outcome of their case. They may also fail to properly assert themselves when communicating with the police and could forget to point out their concerns about chemical intoxication or distraction while driving, both of which could significantly increase the likelihood of a major wreck. An attorney will know what evidence to collect and preserve. They will also know how to strengthen someone’s case if they need to take the matter to court later.

People with help can focus on healing

Trying to learn about the Alabama car insurance system or the rules for civil court could be a full-time job on its own. People may invest so much time and energy into understanding what must happen for their compensation claims that they may do themselves a real disservice. Stress affects immune system function and cognitive abilities. Even someone trying their best to learn about the right way to manage a car crash situation will have a hard time internalizing the information they learn and may actually make their recovery a more difficult process by compounding their current stress levels.

At the end of the day, obtaining the right assistance from someone familiar with insurance rules and civil law in Alabama can make a major difference for those recently affected by a crash caused by another driver.