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What’s a wide-turn accident, and how do these crashes happen?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can unfold under a variety of circumstances. One of the less discussed but quite common types of crashes that occur is the wide-turn accident. Understanding what a wide-turn accident is and how it occurs is crucial for all 18-wheeler truck drivers and for the motorists who may travel alongside them in traffic.

A wide-turn accident occurs when an 18-wheeler executing a wide-turn collides with a smaller vehicle, a pedestrian or a stationary object. Wide-turn accidents can often happen at intersections or while merging lanes.

Causes of wide-turn accidents

Large vehicles often have significant blind spots that limit the driver’s field of view. Therefore, inadequate use of mirrors or failure to check blind spots before turning can lead to collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. For 18-wheeler drivers, estimating the clearance required to execute a turn is critical. This is because misjudging the space needed can result in sideswiping adjacent vehicles, curbs or even pedestrians.

Truck drivers should remember that executing a wide turn can be challenging in congested areas. This is due to the presence of other vehicles that make it more likely for collisions to occur. Additionally, inexperienced truck drivers may struggle with executing wide turns correctly, increasing the risk of accidents.

Impacts of wide-turn accidents

Wide-turn accidents often lead to property damage, including scratched paint, dented vehicles and broken mirrors, resulting in costly repairs. Moreover, collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or smaller vehicles can cause significant injuries. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable, as they lack the protection of a vehicle.

Luckily, all truck drivers are held accountable for their actions on the road. Therefore, suppose you are a victim of a wide-turn accident; you can take legal action against the at-fault truck driver and receive the compensation you deserve. Once negligence is proven, they may be liable for your medical expenses and other damages.

Education on blind spots, turning radius and safe turning techniques can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, installing advanced safety technologies, such as blind-spot detection systems and rearview cameras, can enhance drivers’ awareness and help prevent collisions.

Wide-turn accidents are a significant roadway concern, posing risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. Understanding the causes and impacts of these accidents is vital for victims who want to take legal action against at-fault drivers who have caused them harm.