Class action lawsuit filed over Breaking Bad’s short season pass

And you thought the high-stakes drama of Breaking Bad lived solely on the screen. But no! One fan in Ohio was so miffed that his iTunes “Season Pass” only granted him access to eight of the current season’s 16 episodes that he filed a lawsuit against Apple, GigaOM reports.

As its fans know, the hit AMC drama took a break midseason, airing the first eight episodes last summer and the remaining episodes this year. And so naturally, that’s how the problem arose. Noam Lazebnik has sued Apple, claiming that he and other fans were cheated when they weren’t able to view this year’s episodes. (He says they were initially promised “every episode in that season.”)

According to the terms of the class-action lawsuit, the company owes customers either $14.99 (for the standard version) or $22.99 (for the high-def version). Lazebnik is basing the suit on “breach of contract and violation of California’s consumer protection laws,” GigaOM explains. For further detail, you can read the full case report here. In the meantime, Apple representatives have not responded to GigaOM’s request for comment.

The folks over at the Verge say that the odds are in Lazebnik’s favor, since AMC has explicitly advertised season five as one complete season, despite the yearlong break in the middle. Still, this could be a tough case to win. If Lazebnik pulls through, he’ll probably celebrate like Aaron Paul on The Price is Right.

Apple Breaking Bad Suit

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