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What to expect when pursuing a catastrophic crash injury claim

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Catastrophic Injury

Car crashes result in a variety of different outcomes. Some collisions only lead to minor property damage. People have to repair their vehicles but have few other expenses to

address. Other times, the crash might lead to someone incurring a noteworthy injury. A broken bone or a case of whiplash could leave someone unable to work for anywhere from several weeks to multiple months. They might also have significant medical costs that they need to cover.

Unfortunately, some car crashes produce far worse injuries than others. Catastrophic injuries produce lifelong medical challenges and can irrevocably alter someone’s economic circumstances. Both the duration of symptoms and the overall expense involved are what makes some injuries catastrophic. What can people anticipate if they need compensation for a catastrophic collision injury?

Difficulty with insurance

The unfortunate reality for someone with a catastrophic collision injury is that car insurance coverage may not wholly reimburse them for their losses. Frequently, drivers don’t carry coverage based on the costs they could cause for others but rather the need to comply with the law.

The state sets minimum insurance coverage amounts that depend on the number of people hurt in a collision. A crash where one person gets hurt leads to less compensation than a crash with multiple injuries. The severity of the injury does not influence the policy limit that applies.

Someone with a catastrophic injury might only have access to as little as $25,000 in coverage if the other driver has the minimum policy required by law. If two or more people get hurt, there could be roughly $50,000 of coverage available, but that might still be far less than what someone actually needs. Even then, the insurance company may try to negotiate to pay less than the policy limit, leaving someone struggling to negotiate while also dealing with major injuries.

Lawsuits might be necessary

A personal injury lawsuit is often the best option for full compensation after a crash. People can request reimbursement for the full financial impact of the collision even if the crash costs multiple times more than the amount of insurance carried.

In some cases, there might even be outside parties with a degree of liability for the incident. Employers, vehicle manufacturers and other third parties can be partially liable for motor vehicle collisions. A successful third-party claim can significantly increase the total amount of compensation that someone receives after a catastrophic crash.

An injury victim who didn’t cause a collision should not have to absorb expenses related to a catastrophic injury. Lost wages, astronomical medical expenses and the cost of remodeling a home can all put economic pressure on someone hurt in a car crash. Pursuing appropriate compensation for catastrophic injuries may entail going to court, which often necessitates the support of a professional familiar with liability and insurance laws.