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How can victims cover the cost of hit-and-run crashes?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Car crashes have the potential to be massively expensive experiences. Small mistakes in traffic can lead to huge financial costs for the people involved. Generally speaking, there is an expectation that car insurance should help people cover the expenses generated when a collision occurs.

However, some people find themselves involved in crashes where filing an insurance claim isn’t a realistic option. Some people struggle to secure compensation after hit-and-run crashes. A hit-and-run crash involves a driver leaving the scene of a wreck instead of staying at the scene of an incident to file a police report as required by Alabama state law.

How can someone with major expenses caused by a hit-and-run crash essentially cover their losses?

With the help of the police

Police officers typically investigate hit-and-run collisions because they involve a violation of state law. Particularly when a hit-and-run crash produces significant injuries or extensive property damage, the local police department may devote manpower toward trying to locate the driver who fled the scene of the wreck. If the state can identify the other driver involved in the collision, the driver who fled may face charges. The person affected by the hit-and-run crash could file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. They might also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if the available insurance isn’t enough.

With the help of insurance

Ideally, someone affected by a hit-and-run crash can demand justice after the police identify the driver at fault for the incident. Occasionally, working with a lawyer could help push the investigation forward when the local police department hasn’t had much success. An attorney can also help someone attempting to navigate a complex insurance claim. People may be able to use their personal insurance coverage after a hit-and-run crash if they carry specialty insurance. Uninsured motorists protection, specialty medical coverage and collision coverage can all help cover the costs generated by a hit-and-run collision in Alabama.

Pursuing justice often begins with making a concerted effort to identify the driver at fault for a recent car wreck. Drivers who have the right assistance after a hit-and-run crash may increase their chances of a favorable resolution to a frustrating situation.