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When is a business, not a driver, to blame for a car crash?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Auto Accidents

When another driver does something irresponsible or illegal, you could be the one who ends up hurt. Thankfully, crash liability laws provide an opportunity for those affected by motor vehicle collisions to pursue justice.

People hurt in collisions or needing to replace their vehicles can file insurance claims that pay for repairs and medical costs. Sometimes, when there isn’t any insurance or coverage is minimal, the people affected by a crash we’ll need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

Unfortunately, especially when a crash results in severe injuries or death, an individual driver may not have sufficient personal property or assets to compensate the people affected by the wreck. Sometimes, a third-party liability claim against a business could be an option. When are third-party claims possible?

When there was a defective vehicle component involved

One of the most common kinds of third-party claims involve product liability. For example, if the person in the other vehicle has a faulty competent that leads to the engine shutting off on the highway, then the manufacturer might be to blame rather than the driver.

If you can connect a collision to a defective vehicle component, then an insurance claim against a business’s product liability coverage may be possible. Some people hurt in crashes caused by defective vehicle components can also pursue a civil lawsuit instead of an insurance claim.

When the business did something illegal or unsafe

Sometimes, the person who caused your crash was driving a company vehicle and was on the clock at the time of the wreck. Their employer could potentially have some liability for the crash, especially if the driver has a history of unsafe habits on the road or their fleet vehicle didn’t receive proper maintenance. There could be other scenarios that lead to third-party liability as well, such as when a business serves a minor alcohol and then the underage patron proceeds to cause a drunk driving crash.

When another driver’s insurance isn’t sufficient because they have bad coverage or your losses related to a collision are extreme, looking into all of your options could protect you from financial devastation. Business insurance and assets can often help far more than the coverage or income of one person.

Pursuing a third-party liability claim can connect you with more resources following a serious motor vehicle collision.