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Is your vehicle part of the many recent vehicle recalls?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Product Liability

With how much you pay to buy a vehicle, even a used one, you expect something safe to operate. Provided that you perform the appropriate maintenance to the vehicle, you should be able to trust that it will protect you on the road.

Unfortunately, companies make mistakes when designing vehicles. There can also be errors that occur at manufacturing plants, resulting in defective vehicles from a design that would otherwise be safe and functional. Sometimes, companies fail to do adequate testing with components outsourced to other manufacturers, only to later discover that there are issues with the parts used to build their vehicles.

This summer, there have been a large number of automotive recalls initiated because of dangerous defects. What vehicles need repairs?

There are a lot of recalled vehicles this summer

Near the end of July, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it issued several new recalls. The vehicles affect included Ford Escapes, Lincoln Corsairs and certain Maverick models. There is an engine compartment fire risk. Buick also has a new recall involving Regal sedans with faulty electronic brake controls that can lead to the power assist for brakes failing.

Mercedes also has a recall in the  works because of issues with the backup camera in S-class models and some of their electric vehicles. Finally, Audi announced a recall of A4 and A8 vehicles produced in the 90s because of an issue with the airbag that can lead to explosions or the bag failing to inflate.

From Chevrolet Silverados manufactured in 2022 that may have brake light issues to Toyota recall for 4Runners with Black Gunner wheels, there are many vehicles currently subject to recalls. Some of these recalls only require software updates, while others will necessitate presenting the affected vehicle at a dealership to have replacement parts installed.

Does a recall end manufacturer liability?

Once a business realizes there is an issue with some of its products and ask consumers to return those products, you might assume that those hurt by defective vehicles and components would lose their right to take action. However, that is only true in specific scenarios.

If a consumer received notice of a recall but did not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, that might limit the company’s liability and the right of consumers to make a claim. However, if the company failed to notify the consumer or if the rollout of the recall is too slow, the consumer may still have grounds for a product liability claim.

Individuals can file insurance claims against a company that delivered unsafe, defective products and can also potentially take that business to court. Even products potentially involved in a recall can be the cause of product defect lawsuits if the company’s recall was not assertive or fast enough to protect consumers.