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Who is at fault in an 18-wheeler crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | 18-Wheeler-Accidents

Where does the blame lie when an 18-wheeler causes a horrific collision leading to catastrophic and life-changing injuries?

Many different parties or a combination of these players may be responsible. At the top of the list are the truck driver and the truck driving company. But there are others who also may have made mistakes that caused a preventable crash, leading to serious or fatal injuries.

Truck drivers to vehicle makers

When it comes to determining fault in a large truck accident, the candidates include:

  • Truck drivers: The pressure often is on these workers to meet deadlines. As a result, they may drive long hours, leading to fatigue. Other factors that, sometimes, arise is a truck driver’s reliance on alcohol and controlled substances, reckless and distracted driving as well as inexperience.
  • Truck carriers: Lately, there has been a shortage of truck drivers, and some trucking companies may take shortcuts to bring new drivers onboard. They fail to complete background checks or provide safety training for prospective and new drivers.
  • Maintenance firms: A trucking fleet is only as good as the condition of its vehicles. If improperly maintained, 18-wheelers can break down and cause a collision.
  • Vehicle makers: Defective parts such as faulty brakes and steering may lead to untold tragedy. Manufacturers have the responsibility to introduce safe products to market, and these companies, sometimes, are forced to recall vehicles.
  • Loading and shipping companies: The proper loading of a truck’s trailer is essential. If not, the cargo may shift, leading to a crash.

Safety, sometimes, gets taken for granted by certain parties. Their actions and negligence contribute to large truck collisions in Alabama.

Stay alert and stay safe

Involvement in a crash with an 18-wheeler can lead to debilitating injuries. Costly medical bills, suffering and a lengthy recovery are likely all because of the negligence of any one of the above-mentioned parties. Always stay alert when sharing the road with a large truck.