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Trucking Accident Injury Overview

Big trucks, or semis, can present a significant danger on the road. Each year in the U.S. there are more than 104,000 accidents involving large trucks. Unfortunately, when an 18-wheeler truck collides with a passenger vehicle or another truck, serious injury or death is likely to occur.

Truck accident cases can be complex, as they involve issues such as causation, multiple parties, and insurance disputes. Truck carriers and insurance companies will often do whatever it takes to keep from being held responsible. Despite this, the attorneys of Penn and Seaborn continue to achieve great success for our clients in 18-wheeler accident cases.

Time is of the essence. If you have been injured, or your loved one has died as the result of another’s careless conduct, don’t wait, contact us today for a complimentary case review.

Unique Experience

We have extensive experience in representing injured victims and some of the largest trucking companies in the country. Our unique insight in to the industry gives us a critical advantage in these types of cases.

Who is Responsible for your Trucking Accident?

The most important stage in any trucking accident case is the initial research and investigation. This is when we compile evidence that demonstrates how your accident occurred and who is responsible for your injuries or the death of a family member. We work hard to sift through information that can be collected at the accident scene and from the truck itself, including combing through logbooks and trucking company records and downloading data from electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs). Our attorneys and accident reconstruction experts gather police reports, medical records and other information to help us determine the exact cause of the accident.

The following may ultimately be responsible for your accident:

Truck Driver – Failing to conduct proper pre-trip inspections, driving too fast for weather and/or road conditions, making illegal or unsafe turns and passes, failing to brake, driving drowsy, Improperly securing loads, texting, using a cell phone behind the wheel, or driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs are all examples of reckless and negligent driving by big rig drivers.

Trucking Company – Carriers expose their truckers, other motorists, and pedestrians on the road to the risk of injury by failing to adopt and execute adequate safety plans, encouraging drivers to engage in dangerous driving, or hiring drivers without conducting proper background checks that would reveal the driver’s safety, criminal, and health history as well as their possible problems with driving while intoxicated. Trucking companies may also be liable for failing to inspect and maintain the rigs in their fleet, including outfitting them with safety and emergency equipment.

Truck Manufacturer – Even the safest trucker or fleet operator may be involved in a collision if the truck and its components are defective, including tires, brakes, gears, hydraulics, and lights.

Our 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys Get Results

We believe that every case is an important one and that every client deserves personal attention, compassion and an attorney who will fight for your rights. No matter the extent of the injuries or the type of accident that you have been injured in, do not hesitate to get the involvement of an Alabama personal injury attorney from our firm. Contact us today.

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