Tire tread separations are common among large 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers. This often occurs because heat and friction have caused the tire material to deteriorate at a rapid pace. Other causes of tire blowouts are overweight cargo loads, running over an object on the road, or slow leaks. A truck driver can easily lose control of the massive vehicle, which can be difficult to handle even when all of its components are in proper condition.

When the tire blowout occurs, a lawsuit can be brought against the trucker or the trucking company for failing to inspect and maintain the tire’s condition or against the manufacturer of a tire that may have been put on the truck in a defective condition. Sometimes, such as in cases with 18 wheelers, there are so many tires that one blown tire does not affect the vehicle that greatly, but this is not always the case. The truck driver is always responsible for inspecting their vehicle before driving at all times. Failure to do so could mean the truck driver is overlooking a serious tire flaw that could cause an accident.

The truck driver should be aware that any tire him or her notices that has fabric breaks, exposed or damaged cord, or any type of cut or crack in the rubber is not safe to drive on. By ignoring these problems, they are sacrificing safety for time-effectiveness and should be held accountable. In cases of tire blowout where a third party is injured or possibly even killed, the truck driver is directly responsible for negligence, although their employer is indirectly responsible. It is important that you bring your case to a legal professional who deals with truck accidents on a daily basis and knows how to take the information from your accident and turn it into a case.