When you or a loved one has been seriously injured by the negligence or carelessness of an individual or company, you will have more questions than answers. One of the most serious questions people have is how they will pay for needed medical treatment while their case is still in progress. Medical bills aren’t affordable, and this reality leaves many injured people wondering if they will have to wait until their claim has been settled until they receive medical treatment.

This is why you do not want to wait to contact a personal injury attorney. If you don’t think your insurance will cover your medical expenses, an attorney will be able to help you receive full assistance after an accident or injury. Their job is to work with hospitals, individual doctors, and healthcare insurance providers to make sure your medical care goes uninterrupted. You may even gain support that includes coordinating coverage through sources such as Medicaid and Medicare as well. In the United States, most employees have a right to workers’ compensation because most employers are required to provide it. This guarantees the injured party a right to medical care.

In cases of workers, you will probably be able to get workers’ compensation, which will guarantee that your relevant medical expenses are paid for. You may receive a “memorandum of payment” which states that “claim is voluntary payment pending investigation” or that it is “payment without prejudice.” This means that the employer is paying for the claim even though it is still pending. When your case is resolved, any healthcare providers used will be properly reimbursed and their recovery is limited to only the amount they are entitled to receive.