Yes. There are many things you can make sure you take care of while waiting to hear back from your insurance company about a claim. The most important step is to make sure to compile all of your insurance and business records, including receipts showing that you have regularly paid your premiums. You also need to have all of your losses well-documented, including any appraisals you may have received from contractors or inspectors. Track down receipts, invoices and reports provided to you. It also will help to simply walk through your home, business, and surrounding property and make a list of your losses, including wind and water damage to personal property (such as TVs, appliances, furniture, and jewelry) and to outlying structures (garages, sheds, and barns).

You may need to submit a Proof of Loss to the insurance company, and in many cases, the insurance company will require you to undergo an Examination under Oath. A Proof of Loss is documentation that is required by your insurance company in order to prove your claim is legitimate. Proof of Loss documentation differs in extent depending on the type of claim. It will be longer and more detailed for example if the damage was more severe. An examination under oath will likely only be administered if there is a clause for that kind of provision in your insurance policy. Having the above information at the ready will be important if the insurance company requires either one. Other than gathering the information that you do have, there is not much else you can do. Be sure to be thorough when collecting information for your insurance company, because the more information you have, the better your results will be usually.