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Criminal Defense Overview

Many people don’t fully understand the impact that a misdemeanor or a felony conviction can have on their lives. Criminal convictions affect relationships, make obtaining jobs difficult, and can have profound psychological effects on those enduring the process. Being wrongfully convicted may leave you feeling betrayed and alone.

Some innocent people wrongly believe that not hiring an attorney will prove innocence, but that is misguided. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not admitting guilt. It’s a way to protect your rights and prevent evidence that is taken out of context from hurting you.

How can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

Our Alabama defense lawyers are focused on providing compassionate and relentless legal services to obtain the best possible outcome for each case we accept. Only a highly experienced and skilled attorney will be able to successfully obtain reduced charges, dismissal, or expungement. Hiring our firm may be the single most influential decision you can make in your case. In criminal defense, it’s vital that you hire an attorney who you can trust. You can trust us.

With your side of the story in hand, we’ll conduct an independent investigation into the allegations and develop a clear defense strategy against the prosecution. The state of Alabama is often unyielding in their pursuit of criminal justice. At the Law Offices of Penn and Seaborn, we make sure that each client’s freedom, reputation, and future is protected against unnecessary and untruthful allegations.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Results

We believe that every case is an important one and that every client deserves personal attention, compassion and an attorney who will fight for your rights. No matter the type of charge you are faced with, do not hesitate to get the involvement of an Alabama criminal defense attorney from our firm. Contact us today.

Recent Criminal Defense News

  • The Basics of Criminal Law

    The Basics of Criminal Law

    The government passes laws that define federal and state crimes and their respective punishments. This body of law is known as criminal law.

Never a Fee

Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients owe no attorney’s fees and will not be required to pay any costs until a recovery is obtained for the client in the case.

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